LABLAB provides a large range of products for Diagnostic and Research purpose within the field of Fertility.

AnshLabs’ is a leading developer and manufacturer of immunoassay kits and custom biotechnology testing products, which contribute to the advancement of biomedical research. AnshLabs are scientists helping scientists by providing biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical research solutions worldwide.

AnshLabs’ core immunoassays are novel research clinical diagnostic markers with potential applications in reproductive medicine, neurodegenerative disorders, oncology, etc. the products consist of emerging and maturing assays that are used by translational medicine and preclinical biomarker testing services, as well as clinical labs around the world.

They offer immunoassays, antibodies, antigens and proteins for reproductive function, growth factors, pregnancy, neuronal disorders etc., both human and animal specific assays.

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LABLAB offers further a automated chemiluminescence based platform for a.o. Fertility related assays.

YHLO Biotech is a leading Chinese quality focused company within automated chemiluminescence instruments with iFLASH 1200, 1800 and 3000.

In combination with a large test menu, of both routine and specialized parameters and very stable instruments, YHLO Biotech provides a serious CLIA platform within many fields as Autoimmunity, Infection, Diabetes, Fertility, Tumor markers and others.

There is more than 200 iFLASH instruments in Europe, with more than 10 iFLASH 1800 in Scandinavia.

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