from Immundiagnostik AG we offer a wide portfolio of Gastroenterology related assays. Therapeutic drug monitoring, Zonulin, Calprotectin and Pancreatic Elastase are some of the main products.

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IDK monitor® covers the Therapeutic related assays

  • Adalimumab drug level ELISA K 9657 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Adalimumab free ADA ELISA K 9652 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Adalimumab total ADA ELISA K 9651 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Certolizumab drug level ELISA K 9662 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Golimumab drug level ELISA K 9656 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Golimumab free ADA ELISA K 9649 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Infliximab drug level ELISA K 9655 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Infliximab free ADA ELISA K 9650 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Infliximab total ADA ELISA K 9654 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Ustekinumab drug level ELISA K 9660 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Ustekinumab free ADA ELISA K 9666 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Ustekinumab total ADA ELISA K 9667 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Vedolizumab drug level ELISA K 9658 Serum, EDTA-Pl.
  • Vedolizumab drug level LC-MS/MS RUO KMR9600 Serum
  • Vedolizumab free ADA ELISA K 9648 serum, EDTA-Pl.

Turbidimetry by IDK®

Turbidimetric tests for the gastrointestinal biomarkers

  • Calprotectin
  • Haemoglobin
  • Pancreatic Elastase
  • IDK® TurbiTUBE®: 1 extraction buffer – 3 parameters
  • Short time to results
  • High throughput – continuous loading

Stool sample tubes

For preparation of a defined stool sample solution

Accurate analysis of faecal material – a challenge in laboratory diagnostics

The preparation of a defined stool sample solution is critical for the accurate determination of faecal parameters by ELISA. Conventional methods require sample extraction steps such as stool weighing and centrifugation. Duringsampling and weighing, the lab personnel is confronted with direct stool contact and the difficulty of exact weighing of faecal material with varying consistency.

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Faecal calprotectin as inflammation marker for diagnosis and monitoring of bowel diseases

ELISA for the determination of calprotectin in stool

  • Monoclonal test system
  • Short incubation time (2 x 30 minutes)
  • Broad measuring range: 6 – 2100 μg/g
  • Convenient ready-to-use standard, controls and conjugate

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